I went for a stroll at the Mary E. Theler Wetlands in Belfair on Sunday.  It was great all of the trails there are accessible so I was able to go on all of the trails.  I will post some pictures in the gallery later in the week.  I saw lots of birds including Redwing Blackbirds, a male and female Goldfinch, Tree Swallows, Canadian Geese and one bird that I cannot ID.  All of the trails are gravel or wooden walkways.  There are over 3 miles of trails and they are all level and either packed gravel/dirt or wooden walkways. There are several disabled parking spaces so that is not a problem.  You need to be aware that there are limited restroom facilities one at the trailhead and another one located at about 1.25 miles up the Union River Estuary trail.  I started out with a full charge in my Jazzy Power chair and ended up with about half a charge left.  See Map here.

Went out to Staircase Rapids after reading that it was open.  I drove out there and found that the road was not open to the ranger station. So I went ahead and rolled out to the ranger station.  Mostly it was level and it was paved for the 1.2 miles up to the ranger station with lots of little waterfalls along the side of the road. You can see some of them in the gallery (see link below).  While I was not able to go all the way to the rapids because the trail had a couple of steps that I could not get my chair over which I was expecting and really didn't have a problem with that until I got back to the ranger station and noticed that the restroom was not accessible to wheelchairs.  It is labeled as accessable and looks like it would be big enough but  there is a 3 inch drop off to climb onto the concrete pad.

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I went to Wal-Mart on Monday and after making my purchase I went out to the van to load up my wheelchair and as I was getting the lift down a motorcyclist pulled into the stripped area behind the handicapped parking spot.  I pointed out to him that he was parked illegally and that he could get a ticket for parking there and his response was "I'm just illegal today" and also asked me if I say that to all motorcyclists and I told him that I pointed it out to all that I catch.  Once again I needed to have my pamphlet done so that I can hand them out to these jerks.  When I left I looked down the drive way and there was ANOTHER motorcycle parked illegally blocking the wheelchair access for a disabled parking spot.  I wish that those jerks could live a week in my shoes.

This blog will be used to praise or rant about things that are assocaited with disabilities.